Velanium Trophy.

Parental consent

International 29er Eurocup

VI Velanium Trophy

 Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, 2015 Feb 9th – 14 th




[This form may be completed on screen, printed and signed]

Sail Number:










Parent/guardian Declarations:  (Required for all helms and crews who are under 18 years of age)
Under law, the above competitor is my dependent. I confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the sailor’s Entry Form. I accept the Disclaimer of Liability in the Notice of Race that excludes the right to claim compensation in certain circumstances.  During the event the boat sailed by my dependent will have a valid and current third party insurance of at least £2m or the equivalent in another currency.  I confirm that my dependent is competent to take part. 

I consent to my dependent participating in drug testing procedures and, if asked, providing a urine sample under observation for analysis at an accredited laboratory.  I note that photographs may be taken during the event, both on and off the water, and I consent to these being published in Class publications and/or on the Class/Club website and those of any authorised photographers.

During the event (tick one box):

□    I will be responsible for my dependent throughout the event, and during the time my dependent is afloat I will be available at the event venue.

□    I appoint the person named below, who has agreed to act in loco parentis. He/she will be responsible for my dependent throughout the event. During the time my dependent is afloat he/she will be available at the event venue.


Medical Form attached



          *Delete as applicable


Name of Parent/Guardian ParentPrent’Guardianparent/guardian



Home address



Home phone no.



Mobile no.



Person acting in loco parentis           (if applicable)



Mobile no.




Signature of parent/guardian




This Form should be fully completed, signed and returned with the Entry Form





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